the sights of a weekend

April 26, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

  1. spontaneous brunches and chance thai-food encounters
  2. happily wasted afternoons
  3. mexican train and sexy score-keeping
  4. wine, wine, and (way too much) MORE wine
  5. fuss and persuasion
  6. effervescent voicemail
  7. newborns and oldborns
  8. weeping, drunken norseman
  9. a wake at a sports bar
  10. snaps with a vintage film slr
  11. candlelight vigils with whitman, coleridge, and senna black tea
  12. pensive voicemail
  13. early morning purrs and sunday-brewing saints
  14. unpacked boxes and double-cream filled baguettes
  15. themes in To Kill a Mockingbird
  16. vintage patterns and word games

thoughts as i begin my week:
i am thinking of teaching myself to sew. i am looking for a pattern that my mo-in-law and i can do together of a simple, spring dress. any suggestions?

i am looking for cute, inexpensive frames that i can repaint myself. i want a couple of oval ones. any suggestions?

my throat is threatening sickness. i want to drink a gallon of orange juice. any suggestions?

i have to recommend a page-turning book for a 14 year old girl. since i am somewhat snooty about adolescent fiction...any suggestions?

the saint snores and so i must bid you adieu,

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