ode to a fussy morning

April 25, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

there are saturday mornings when:
  • your eggs don't turn out right.
  • you irritability irritates even you.
  • your cat won't listen to reason and insists on biting thumbtacks off the wall.
  • your sun doesn't know if it wants to come out or not.
  • you cannot get other people out of your head.
  • your feet and heart cannot get warm.
  • you have a lot and nothing to do.
when the smoke of unkindness lingers, when stomachs protest of the previous night's wine, when you feel dismissed as unchecked voice mail, when hangnails snag your soul.

  • he lights candles
  • he arranges flowers
  • he makes the bed
  • he turns on DeBussy
  • he hands me a book and an excuse to just be

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