monday's weekend musings

April 19, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

le weekend:

early to bed friday night.
early riser saturday morn...

11am cat nap
11 o'clock cat nap

meeting up with the girls (and joelio) for (too salty) salmon burgers and a HUGIFIC book sale.

boxes and boxes of <span class=b
boxes and boxes...

the "old books" section
the "old books" section

my comical muse
my comical muse

get a spine.
get a spine

her finds.
her finds

afterward we hot toddied and pretzeled. we then separated for a disco nap in preparation for kelly's art show closing event. how did i manage to NOT get a picture of all of us looking so tasty?! (i am taking this opportunity to brag about the ultimate compliment. when a gay man pulls you aside, kisses your cheek, and compliments you, lookin' good. that's all i'm sayin.) it was a stylish event, complete with fashion show, champagne, and interesting people-watching induced conversation with my ladies.

word of advise to anyone with a hankering for a sazerac or even just wanting to hear yourself think, avoid belltown on the weekends after 10pm. a gorgeous but dumb (i am sorry to say it, but it is tragically true, poor thing) waitress brought joel a sauza (in case you don't know, that is a tequila) on the rocks when he ordered a sazerac. sigh.

sunday has been as sunday should.

i spent some time with a tutee and picked up some swiss chard on the way home, as joelio had the itch for rabbit food. by the way, joel only ever itches for rabbit food. we spent the evening watching sunday evening documentaries. one on scrabble, the other on the marx brothers. i now sit here in bed, usurping his laptop as he sleeps, octavia usurping my legs as i type and think i will leave you to read some more Rilke, write a bit, play scrabble, and try to envision of week of soulful living wherein i write, study, analyze some poetry, perhaps paint, try a new recipe (any suggestions?), gab with my girl(s), kiss the saint a bit too long one morning, soak up a sewing lesson, and recapture the tranquility that seeps out the cracks of uselessness when i am not looking.

i sincerely hope your monday is never tainted with regret, never replete with overly-burdonsome sadness, full of longing for the "other" in your life, and rich in sweet treats.

tell me sweet soul, how will you "treat" thineself today?

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