maundy thursday's illustrations

April 09, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

a melange of goodies for you. basically i do anything i want any time i want and here is the chronicle of such meanderings...

on monday, joelio and i spent the 70 degree weather on the rooftop in flip flops and throwing back bottle(s) of wine (we had spontaneous help!). it was soo glorious. (i swore i wouldn't post this pic of the saint, but it's too funny NOT to. plus, when i rebel, joel thinks it's hot).

the saint: exposed
the saint: exposed

the next day, when joelio came home from work, he walked in with a huge, beautiful antique desk! i have been somewhat frustrated with my desk lately, and even though it wasn't in great shape, we both enthusiastically saw the potential in this FREE find. emphasis on free....hello!!! joel worked on restoring it with this miracle jesus juice of a furniture oil. now to make it fit into the apartment!

the following night, we traveled to the parent's estate and while dad washed dishes, i wandered about the property cutting forsythia and dodging hummingbird dive-bombs. we then enjoyed some yummy strawberry pound cake.

upon return to the city, i found all the motivation that eluded me all day. at midnight, i embarked upon my first apple pie baking endeavor. when it was completed at 2am, i was pooooooped. i made some mistakes with the crust, but since it was a practice for the easter meal i will be making, it was fine to experiment with. dudes, making a good crust is a thing of beauty. any tips?

today i wandered to my correspondence date, upon which i wrote 10 pages to mi madre about pretty much nothing...she will love it. mom's love the nothings in their children's lives...right? the saint met me there and we have spent the last few hours wandering around in vintage, consignment, and furniture shops.


tonight i think of maundy thursday. i just missed the liturgy by 1 hour, but we sit in our sacred living space, listening to gregorian chants and i ponder the blessed sadness of my savior. i imagine back to the garden, to the last supper, to the humiliating washing of feet. as i drink from my wine bottle, the exposure of such a radical love both moves and mortifies me. alongside those of you who are moved by redemption, i kneel beside on the velvet pew and share in this sacrament. may the remnants of holy week be pensive and rich with sacredness.

"I am your servant, the son of your handmaid;
you have loosed my bonds."


with tears of contrition and gratitude i leave you,

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