i wandered lonely...

March 24, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

i have just returned from a most glorious morning walk. my cheeks are rouged, my eyes wide, my spirit awakened. i must tell someone! it's brimming up inside of me! it is a GORGEOUS day here in seattle and not necessarily because it's traditionally perfect weather, but because it's a day that has been noticed and loved. though cold, there is a dreamy breeze that kicks up the tails of my coat and brings to life the forsythia, daffodils, and green things that i know not by name.

what do you hear when you take a walk in solitude? i hear the wind and the beat of my blood. to this beat, my mind recites old poetry i didn't know i remembered. today, because of the presence of so many daffodils on bellevue avenue, i recalled "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," by Wordsworth. i was required to memorize this in grade nine, but alas, i could only remember the first four lines on my walk. i admire what is birthed from meandering, pointless solitude.

i came home to a small, simple bowl of mini-wheats and orange juice, and dug out my high school text book. i looked up the poem and read it as i ate. it has been an ideal morning...the kind i dreamed of having back when i was stuck at work. then i thought of many of you who cannot enjoy a leisurely mid-week morning walk, and i thanked god for this time. i did. it's true.

for breath, for rest, for unknowns, for you.
i thank god.
~candace ruth

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