"i loaf & invite my soul." whitman

March 02, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

in the quiet morning cool,
i wrapped myself in grey and green.

i took out my books,
heated my mighty leaf,
sat to entertain company.

the first honored (and too often ignored) guest is poetry: the reminding study of anne bradstreet, emily bronte.
second is the poesy of Thomas Merton: Seven Storey Mountain.

and we four joined hands,
whirled in wonderwoman-like blur.
when we stopped, splattered with cold tears and admiration, we noticed we were in a holy place.

and for too long have i approached this place with requirements and checklists.
turns out he/she meets me in literature.
and shouldn't i have known this all along?

after a morning of quiet pondering,
i donned a skirt and stockings,
grabbed a scarf (though quickly discarded as the heat of the sun accosted my nocturnal eyes),
and headed out on the town.

first to a bookstore (the first of many to come) to find some Merton poetry and to check out the competition. i tried to work up the courage to ask if they had any open positions - i couldn't.
second to an appointment with my counselor.
third to trader joe's.

home to joel.
home to making niki's cottage pie.
home to wine, bomberman (one of the only xbox games i can stomach), a purring beauty.
home to home.

sometimes, rarely, but sometimes
pace outweighs productivity.

and it's good for my soul
to go slow.


~taking her easy for all us sinners,

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