a flurry of activity and the long-awaited before/after

March 20, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Happy Friday, dearlings. I hope you feel that schoolgirl crush on the weekend as I do. The saintly saint and I are headed to Bellingham to visit our lovely cousins overnight and I have a list a mile long of preparations to make beforehand. We are also leaving Octavia for the first time overnight, so that should be an interesting experiment. Tell me, what do you have planned? A quiet time at home with coffee and a magazine? A hot night on the town with your lover? A gab-fest brunch with girlfriends? Whatever it is, I bless it in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost. amen.

But before my weekend jollys can commence, I must report on quite the activities this week. Things were bustling on this week of Saint Patrick.

On Monday, I joined Umber, BC, and her lovely bestie, Ti for lunch. After the very brisk walk home, I sat for the afternoon to paint. I haven't painted yet this year, and it felt good. Though not happy with the end result, I realized that I wasn't doing it for the end result. Dears, this is progress indeed!!!

On St. Patties day, the gang got together and enjoyed corned beef, cabbage, guinness bread, and whiskey. Then we headed to our local pub and pinched each other even more.

On Wednesday, after a bottle of chardonnay at lunch with Jess and her lovely mum, I headed on down to Mom and Pop's to finish the repurposing of my nightstand. It turned out lovely and I am happy to share the progress with you:

Yesterday, instead of sushi with my gals, I had to stay home sick. I had a very quiet, very sleepy day and I feel much better! I spent the day writing a letter, reading my new Bazaar, and loving the homemade soup my joelio made for me.

blessings upon your weekend, my child.
mrs. morris

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