the numbing nothingness

August 15, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

i think it's 11:30 am (what do i mean, I THINK , i completely know b/c it's on my screen, duh ), which means i have been sitting at this god-forsaken, demon-infested cubicle for 3.5 hrs now, and I still haven't really WOKEN up today. why do i torture myself in this coffee-less day?

i am in no state of emotional crisis.
i have had plenty of alone time the last two weeks.
i have had great conversations with friends this week.
i painted, drank, and watched It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia last night.
i have made a menu, shopped for it, and executed our meals this week (in an effort to tighten back up on spending and calories).
i have a great weekend planned.*

so what's the dealio, little soulio?

nothing. absolutely nothing. this nothingness is what's wrong.

there are reasons to be a bit cranky (too much late night reading, my body is protesting to the 8-10 hrs a day i sit at a computer, this job is BOOORRRINNG as hell and most everyone is on vacation today so it's really quiet, money stresses me out, relationships unnerve me) but at the deepest part of my core, i know that today -

nothing is really wrong.
that's what's wrong.

ways i have entertained myself today thus far in my 8-5 grind:
~rekindled my interest in the Myers-Briggs research I am collecting - wherein i send out the test to all friends and family, compile their results into one color-coded smart little spreadsheet and analyze away!
~posted a
Visually Ink Lined blog
~emailed lots of lovely people for various reasons in my detail-driven life
~planned what i was wearing for each day of the weekend
~planned a menu and shopping list for next week's attempt to cut cost and calories
~walked to the mailroom and got mail
~bitched about it being friday with the UPS guy who always flirts with me

s'about it.

*weekend plans:
seeing family tonight and maybe a spontaneous dance party for
devon's bday
a road trip to Portland with ben and jess - it's supposed to be 98 freaking degreeeeeesss- i am gonna melt
a party to see our andrew and his new bride-ling
a sunday morning brunch in Portland
a box of peaches at mom's house
Want more? Just posted a bookling blog yesterday.

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