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August 29, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

things i am infatuated with of late:

1. saying:

2. my neighborhood.

  • joel and i were very restless foxes in our foxhole last night...and so we deiced to take an urban walk...after a stop at B&O Espresso for numi green tea and a spot of chocolate (ignore my recent posts about eating well. NO DON'T..but I did have a moment of weakness started (thanks a lot) by Umber's peach pie that lead to another moment of weakness in the Devils Food Cake. le fuck!).
  • we walked north on Harvard all the way to the famous St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

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  • and then we went back again. this neighborhood is full of lovely and NICE old homes (bringing in a cool couple million). the streets are covered in oaks and maples and cottonwoods and evergreens. the pre-autumnal breeze romanticized us and we floated for 1.5 hours down the streets. le sigh.

3. Grapes

4. Hulu.com Last night I watched two episodes of FAME! Oh man, my big sister used to watch this and it's just so horrible and great. What could be more entertaining than a bunch of talented kids going to a performing arts high school running into their teachers at broadway tryouts! LE DRAMA.

5. Water. This is sad. I have had only 1 alcoholic beverage this entire week! I am on a new eating program and while I can still drink, I have to choose b/w a glass of wine or a piece of bread...and right now, I am choosing food. I am sure this will change.

get sim card on iphone fixed. grr.
go to woman doctor. double grr.
grocery shop for dinner. minor grr. (lots of walking)
go to library to pick up movies.
go see Neko Case (i HOPE! still waiting to hear about tickets! BENNNN????)
DRINK A BEER. oh how i have craved you, Belgian-ale. le GULP.
buy three plants w/ Devon on our date to
Molbaks. le WHOOT.
plan the grand reorganization of the closet. le triple grrrr, but still feels nice.

le adieu,
c'est moi.

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