hope from a blossom

August 04, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

i was looking at kelly's painting hanging in my house.
dont even think about trying to steal this image, if you do, i will probably go slasher on your asses

It bequeathed to this lady yet another breath yesterday, today, tomorrow - in this stage of sadness and deep introspection that life seems to hold for me right now. I embrace whatever stage I am in, but this doesn't mean I don't analyze it, so then if the phase of life has more shadow, i tend to analyze it even more - hence the exhaustion.

(who am I kidding? I analyze the hell out of happiness too.)

Inside, outside, high up, way down below -
everything seems a bit skewed,
somehow off.
however, this dearest work reminded me of a most simple principle:

You will bloom again.

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