"There is no coming to consciousness without pain" - Jung

July 28, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

i am one worn OUT owl.

i am dreaming this sleepy morning of escaping work without telling anyone, stealing joel in a similar fashion from his job and heading to the hoh rain forrest...where we would take naps in his parent's RV (which we would also steal) with the sound of the summer rain beating down on the tin roof.
i was staring at the moonlight pouring in my bathroom
as i bathed in scalding water and darkness.
i wanted to crouch in the shadow just below the moonbeam
because here, i could still hide in the shadows.
no one watching

i wish i could throw down my feet and slam on the breaks of my schedule.
because i DO PROTEST.
so what happens when the soul demands something i cannot give?
my soul is yet another thing wanting a piece of me.
wanna see the bite marks?

Here are some pictures of this weekend's party - wherein we bid adieu to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (but of whom there is little pictures! ah)

Also, Julie and Tim's wedding photos came in. Take a looksy if you have a couple of hours to kill! :)

Take it easy on yourself today, will ya? For me?

post. script. : happy 7th anniversary to the Mr. & Mrs. Umberdove. I am so privileged to see their day-to-day kindnesses, incredible work ethic, intentional dating, peaceful and hospitable home, gentle affections, and am ever-learning by their determination to understand each other, support each other, save each other, and challenge each other. I hope today finds you both a bit of the escape that romance can bring from the daily pressures of being you...that the only thoughts on your mind can be each other, your passion, and your ease. Escape well, my little birdlings. Your package awaits.

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