my name is candace and i am an addict.

July 15, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

at least i can admit it.

i must



copious amounts.

the camping was lovely. turns out i am not too bad at it, but i did stay clean (except my feet, how mortifying to win the "whose feet are dirtiest" game) so that helped me stay comfortable.

one fatal flaw of the weekend? i should have brought my ipod. i forget how my music quiets me - turns off my thoughts. when i get outside, i get even more introspective, and this introspection leads to millions of thoughts and these millions of thoughts contribute to my one great destroyer:


(fie! fie!)

so i think i would have brought my ipod and watched the trees and welled up with tears at the pricking of soul only music can bring.

highlights of camping:
  1. beastism
  2. jessica/candace's 4 hour stint alone at camp
  3. lilac wine & hallelujah-jeff buckley
  4. deer siting and walk
  5. talking with tice and niki about "the road"
  6. benji's reading us a Roald Dahl story around the camp fire
  7. burgers in a train car
  8. the "phrase" of the week - i think i won that game!
  9. hobo twinkies
  10. pearl jam
  11. jason's impersonation of harley fantasturbating.
  12. almost dying on devon's bike while afterwards talking about care of the soul
  13. the chat with joel on the drive home

so, all in all - many memories were made. it was very interesting to compare last year's first trip to this one - and how much intimacy has happened in the last year. in this, i find fulfillment and deep satisfaction.

in other matters - last night's Bastille Day celebration was simply magnificent. Despite the crowds, the weather was PERFECT and i enjoyed my rosé, sausage sandwhich, petite frites, and the breezy feel of my dress. we meandered about lazily, donning our summery attire, and found the pink door - whereby we sipped more cocktails and ate italian victuals by the sunset.

it was the most european monday night i have ever had...(except while in europe, bien sur)

do enjoy all the pictures, and feel free to comment.

(unless you are an anonymous man-bitch- he he, thanks plume)

(i will be sure to have more as my friends send me theirs, but for now you have to be happy with 275 pics)

Bastille Day 2008

Camping Trip 07.08

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