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July 22, 2008 Candace Morris 8 Comments

wow, today and this week and this month and well... for my life.
i am ONE SPOILED bday girl.

it seems that people came of the woodwork yesterday to pump up this tired girl.
for this courage to take flight, i am deeply indebted.

Look at my fun bday suprises!

1. Bday Dress found at the BCBG outlet store - and I just adore how I makes me swagger and saunter in the most smart way.
2. A euphoric lunch from Kelly and the present she has kept secret for SOOO LONG:
AHHH! Plume's Desert Secrets RING
I LOVE this ring with all my might.

do pardon the picture, it's HARD to photograph jewelery well. and this was with my camera phone!

this is what it looks like close up, but umber decided on a citrine for me instead of the cabochon
very apropos, don't you think?

do you know what it's like to WEAR such art?
it means so much to me - thanks my umberdovely for the soulful gift, knowing how i pined for it
thank you my plume, for making such things to adorn to the beauty of women -
and no doubt, for the well-wishes sent my way while crafting this jem of all jems

It reminds me of my roots in the desert of CA
somewhere where the joshua trees hoard all the water...
but where i was still determined to
dig deeply for roots
alive indeed with the most haunting, raucous,
hot hot wind
and one lost little family

finding sustenance where there was no
sustenance to be found.

and as i gaze on it, i remember that i am no longer
in that barren place - but am in the
forest of my life
new growth, loves. new growth surrounds.

and the eternal reminder that for everything i was not given
i was blessed ten-fold by something else.

3. Kind words (words of encouragement IS my #1 love language, but i cannot handle loud or public compliments - i need to save face and feel safe in the praise) from Niki (she listed 30 things she loves about me) and Becca (i am happy to be this kind of example if it means women come along the journey of self-care).

4. Text messages, voicemails, emails, comments on the blog and facebook, and ecards all over from family and friends alike - and happy to hear from my dearest two sisters, Teresa and Monica, good to hear leif's voice, courtney's voice, karen and steve's voice, jackie's voice, brian and jen's voice...just feeling very happy.

5. In the mail - my plume sent me some earrings and the happiest of letters!!! i have been lusting over these pretties! They are the perfect avant garde pieces to my collection - which is getting better and better the more JSL jewelery I add to it. It's a very PLUME bday - yay!

ladies and gents, i give you the Hoard It Like a Dragon earrings (and I plan to) in fact, i just might sleep in them

6. Also in the mail was a lovely HAT from my dear sister! It's just damn fabulous. She is giving me two other things - and the mail is just taking it's damn sweet time! boo.

7. Jess picked me up from work so I wouldn't have to ride the bus and then gave me a beautiful begonia plant!! (Also, she has some sneaky plan for taking me out on Thurs night - some sort of event requiring tickets! OOOH YAY!)

see hat, earrings, and begonias above

10. For one of my presents, Joel is agreeing to take a dance lesson!!! OH, what bliss is mine?! He has more presents coming for me, and I will certainly keep you posted on this.

11. A happy card and the promise of a tatoo together from my jackie.

At the end of the day, I felt especially loved (and especially full of indian food)...from everyone who took the time to remember that they cared for me.

and this is all I could ask for.

I am fat-belleyed and drunk on beautiful kindnesses.
As a side note, it's Kelly and Brad's anniversary next monday night, and they have entered a contest on plume's blog to win Kelly some jewels! Please go and vote here!!! (sorry M!) Kellly is twisting my arm. (You may also see my new dress and hat in the video if you eye closely).

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