What is mastery but memory?

December 05, 2015 Candace Morris 0 Comments

You can trust yourself
appears on the page, scribbled
burning into the metacarpal muscle memory.
If you want to master this truth, you must practice.
And what is mastery
but muscle memory? Repeated motion
Until your hand, living a life of its own, finally frees itself
from analysis.

You can trust yourself
a low-hanging fruit
truth up for the grabs
should you decide you are done believing you were born a sinner.

You can trust yourself
over and over again
with the macabre, the maudlin.
You didn't chose the subject matter, after all,
it chose you.

You can trust yourself
with yourself.
18 years ago you felt like a danger to yourself
a fear slumbers just under your rib cage.
but don't you see
you can still trust yourself
with yourself.

You can trust yourself
with your words, welling up from your belly
gagging you on the way out.
The impulse to write and never reread
before hitting publish like a good editor would do? You can
trust that too.
Likewise, you can trust the brooding,
the waiting, the hatching. Whatever you want to do!
You can trust that too.

You can trust yourself
with your intellect. It's not intuition's enemy.
Coming together, they'll conjure your multiverse.
The archetypes
   the crone
   the slut
   the terrible, beautiful priestess
   the oracle
   the alchemical witch
Do not mistreat them by employing separation
of brain and gut.

You can trust yourself
write it until your heart bleeds it
write it until your pen runs out of ink
write it on every page fluttering inside your bookish soul
write it on every word gestating within your agitated chest

Write it until you believe it.

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