Bowie's first [real] summer

July 16, 2013 Candace Morris 0 Comments

I know I am supposed to keep it a secret, but Seattle has been UNGODLYGORGEOUS this fine season.  The sun persists so we almost get used to it, almost even plan on it - that is - until we decide to host a BBQ.  Never plan on Seattle sun.  However, we've had stretches and stretches of hot weather and it makes entertaining an easily-bored 1-year old much easier since we can sit outside in the swing or take a walk to the coffee shop or picnic in our backyard.

I was thinking about the ocean recently.  I was thinking about how sad it was that I hadn't seen it in too long.  Then, like a thunderbolt to the heart, I realized with horror that +Bowie Morris had yet to see any form of salt water.  Since she and I are both Cancer's, this means we are water signs.  This means we need water.  (It doesn't mean that at all, but I like to use a hodgepodge of metaphysical beliefs to compile how I feel on any given day. Don't judge.  People - we all - have done it for millions of years.)

Bowie wakes from her afternoon nap with a 4-hour stretch until bedtime.  I tend to begin a slow and steady leak of sanity in those 4 hours.  Joel usually comes home after the 2-hour mark, but by then I have exhausted my creativity in keeping Bowie entertained and happy.  We sit on the swing and wait for his bus to drop him off, usually.  But lately, I've been so near my wits end (and HOT! In Seattle, unlike Cali where I grew up, 5pm-7pm is the hottest part of the day, not 12pm-2pm) that we have been loading up and going to pick him up.

Yesterday, after just such a pick up, we decided to stop by Trader Joe's and grab a few food/wine items for a picnic at the beach.  It was a glorious day out there, the very place my little SIL was married 5 short years ago, Golden Gardens.

Between the beach, her obsession with raspberries (she will pick them right off the bush and pop them in her mouth, ripe or not), and feeding the chickens and Gma and Gpa's, I'd say this girl has it made.

 Sometimes, I even envy her.  
Then I remember that she can't drink wine.

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