Wherein the 15-yr old BFF visits and meets my progeny

November 12, 2012 Candace Morris 0 Comments


The house feels so empty this morning, as it no longer contains my Jackie and 2 of her 4 babies.  She made the 12-hour trip from Redding (in a car! with kids! #supermom) for the purpose of meeting Bowie.  I am so glad I had been practicing with my camera the week prior as it made shooting the weekend easy - and she and I are always hitting ourselves for not taking more photos of our visits.  Well, here you go!  We did it!

My best friend Jackie - I respect this lady so much.  One year after Joel and I were married, she had her first child.  Her fourth is roughly 3 months older than Bowie.  I've seen the intricacies of her child-rearing and can tell you that one of the main reasons I knew I could do this parenting thing was because I saw Jackie model it.  It's lucky to have a best friend at all, I realize this.  But then to have a friend who is so much like you that you can see your way just a bit more through a dark path because they've already illuminated it for you...that is nothing short of divine. It feels comforting to feel that much less confused about my own choices.  She's not perfect, as she would be the FIRST person to say, but she is good.  She is very motivated to do right by her children, to organize their chaos into a meaningful life, and to love her friends and family with everything she has.

We had a good time lounging around, playing cards, drinking wine, eating Indian food, holding each other's babies, and watching Star Trek (Jackie may have slept through it, but Mekenzie totally likes Lt. Cmdr. Data now! SUCCESS).  We then went to the Seattle Aquarium and had fish 'n chips on the pier.  Afterward, we spent a day relaxing by the fire at Joel's parent's house.

Thanks for making the trip, Smacks.

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