five miles by friday

March 27, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

as of monday, i have successfully walked five miles this week. though this is by no means a superhero (or even exercise worthy) sum, i feel good that it is more than i did last week.

friday's walk was a bit different - and shouldn't friday stand out among the other days of the week? so i gave friday its soul's demands.

i walked on bellevue avenue, but only after i readied myself for being out for the afternoon. i ran into some lovely friends and neighbors on the street, and then walked up to summit to write my weekly correspondence at top pot doughnuts. i managed to refrain from partaking of the doughnut goodness, but i plan to reward myself for it next week with a cupcake! i sat in the quiet for two and a half hours, and my hands started to cramp...but what joy is mine; how i love writing them.

i then wandered to the grocer to buy some fruit for healthy snacks (i am cracking down on some of my recent eating habits) and vegetables for the carrot & ginger soup i made for dinner.

our friday night is quiet. i gather candles around me and light them slowly, letting their fragrance of evening settle upon my heavy eyes. whatever your friday holds, i do hope it is something so entirely satisfying to your soul.

with admiration and appreciation for your reading eyeballs,

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