November 07, 2007 Candace Morris 1 Comments

What is it lately? I have had soo many conversations with women lately about self-hatred/self-care. This comes at time in my life where I have finally started the journey to self-acceptance. I have been toxic to myself for entirely too long, and instead of hating myself for being so horrible to myself, something just finally clicked. It was not at all magical, but is - I believe - the result of a lot of emotional work being done on my part. When you start physically taking care of yourself, it's often amazing what the psyche reveals through it. But, so that is a really long story - but in the last week, i can count 3 conversations that lingered with me - and it's so decidedly ironic and beautiful that when i am just embarking on a journey - there are women, precious women, around me wanting/craving/trying to muster the courage to embark as well.

It feels weird and fucking cliche as hell to say, but i am really happy to be alive. I am settling into myself, being surprised at the things i like about myself, and finding a unique beauty all my own...and this has brought immense peace, and has opened my eyes to seeing my spiritual breath in a refreshing yet nostalgic way.

I am thankful that I am not alone in company of women who love to hate themselves - i am sojourning in order to pull more into the company of women who are well-fed. I really do think the best way to start is to read Thomas Moore's, "The Care of the Soul."

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