a question for the soul

February 02, 2011 Candace Morris 8 Comments

When I first began my therapeautic quest years ago, my counselor asked me a very important question.  I was suprised at the time that I had no idea how to answer it.  However simple it may be, I realized that through the years, I have learned well what my soul needs and how to give it thusly.

How do you comfort yourself?

There are many answers, but for this week alone...a week of sad news and anxiety and eyes cast downward while walking in a storm...for this week, these are my comforts.
  • heavy blankets atop heavy sweaters
  • blank journal and the outpouring of words
  • sleep
  • spending way too much time making new blog buttons
  • loads of real butter and real cream to make a perfect white sauce
  • T.S. Eliot
  • Sitting in a dark pub's corner booth with pours and pours of Jameson and those I love
Tell me then,
Or tell yourself.
How do you comfort your soul?

It's an art I hope to perfect in my lifetime.
Won't you join me?

"Lifting heavy feet in clumsy shoes*,"

T.S. Eliot
Four Quartets / East Coker I

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