kitchen confessional

February 09, 2011 Candace Morris 8 Comments

kitchen confessional

I was reading this pregnancy book of my lovely Devon while hanging out at the doctor with her, and one of the chapters talked about how as a new mother, you need to learn to let things be as they are with the house while you adjust to the baby.  Sleep when they sleep, don't worry about cleaning, etc.  I thought about how I would like to cultivate this now, learning to let things lie. I'm not talking about becoming a slob, I'm talking about learning to relax with a house that is "lived-in."  In an effort to find the beauty in clutter, I decided to snap a picture of my kitchen this morning and tell the story behind each object.  You should totally do this (shoot me an email if you do!) and we can find beautiful messes together.

In fact, I've gone and created a flickr group for us to upload pictures of our mess. JOIN!
Even better than just a picture would be telling us what we are looking at, the history behind an object, the frustrations of the room, what things are used for...
{ Domestic Confessions }

In other news,
it's sunny.
I feel my suffocated soul reaching up on tippy-toes for Vitamin D.  It feels good.

My plants are therefore gathered for church. They bask in nourishment together.  

a goodly mamma
And I am their pastor.


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