on temporary tattoos and other Valentine's Day shenanigans

February 15, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Something very annoying has happened to me.  Against my will and the universe's decision to birth me a cynic, I have accidentally begun to like Valentine's Day.  I found myself wandering the grocery store aisles yesterday with a foolish grin on my face because of all the horrific VDay wares.  Perhaps it's my new-found love of all things kitschy, God knows I'd love to blame it on an aesthetic choice.  But no, as I was driving home and thinking about Joel and Teresa and Clara and my friends and family, I teared up with bursts of love as they escaped from my open-wide heart.

And honestly, I think that's what happened.  
My heart has thrown open its doors, removed the dusty sheets from the furnishings, thrown a fresh coat of pain on the walls
 and decided all are welcome. 

And that is the thrilling danger of amour.

Therefore, in honor of kitsch and kiss,
 we celebrated last night with the following:
a moment of quiet relaxation while my red velvet cake baked


Joel frosting the cake while I made fried zucchini and red beans and rice
(while rocking out to Tina Turner, of course)

my vday loot

my sister came home and set up my gift.
heart peeps, a sweet plant, temporary "love" tattoos, cinnamon candles, and flurp
(which is silly putty you use to make fart sounds.  why it made us laugh so hard, i have no idea!)
I was clapping like the Gob chicken-dance.


then it was martini time
and gift time
(I got T a Frankenstein ring and some candies, her fav!)
(Joel got a NASA hat and one of his fav beers!)


and dinner time
and mustache time
and spontaneous dance party time 
(tina turner song seed on pandora is golden!)
temporary tattoo time

then cake time.


(because they do go so well together).

I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

(No wait, it was at the roller rink last week when a 60 year old balding man in a muscle-T figure-skated right in front of me, whilst clapping.  Now that shit was funny.)

Love Thyself

Hugs and Kisses,

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