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October 10, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Happy Sunday Eventide, Blogites.  I'm quite happy to be reporting on this weekend from my parent's home, sitting in the coziest of chairs, sipping (another) gin & tonic, listening to Chopin, and finding deep peace in the cascade of rain I hear out of the open window.  A baby asleep, laundry in the dryer, and I feel relaxed, rested...and (I think) ready to take on my first FULL week of (corporate) work since Feb 09.

Perhaps I should fill you in on my position. I am actually not a Microsoft employee, but work on Microsoft campus for SQLsoft.  I am essentially an event coordinator, in charge of hosting trainings in our state-of-the-art technical classrooms.  It's low stress, I can wear whatever I want, I have my own office, my team of workers are really great, and the hours are flexible.  All in all, I am really happy about it.  I'll be sure to take photos for you here shortly.  

Here's the weekend report...

First of all, I was really happy to attend an art show of one of my very closest friends, Jeremy Kronbach.  His paintings are amazing (I have a few up in my house) and this was his first official show.  We were all so proud, and quite happy to attend.  The show is hanging up in Greenwood for a while, but there is another show in December at Naked City pub in December, so if you live in the Seattle area, email me for details.

After a good night with my friends, I woke up Saturday morning to the most wonderful drizzle...quiet and pensive. I grabbed a magazine and a french press of Sumatra.

After a lazy afternoon, we began to unpack the books...which are always the first thing we pack UP and the last things we UNpack.  

After working hard at unpacking on Saturday, we took Sunday to sell a few items on craigslist, eat a few muffins, and head to our siblings for dinner.

After a delicious quiche (complete with swiss chard from the garden) and a delicious bowl of banana pudding with toasted coconut on top, a few loads of laundry, and a lot of kisses imposed upon little Olive Jade*, I can head back to the city and begin my work week with satisfaction and rest.

weekend confession: I ate mac&cheese for lunch BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

* go HERE to see more pics of that gorgeous baby

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