a few vignettes about the office

October 14, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

Desk Vignette
Norton Critical 2
Norton Critical Editions
Bookshelf Vignette

I really think that to keep ones sanity, one really must bring bits of warmth and home into the office.  Thomas Moore just wrote an article that I find (like usual) that I agree with.  He mentions one practical way to remain warm in an age of such cool soul practices is the purchasing of something beautiful in your life to counteract the purchasing of something practical.

green wall
the maple

 The office needs a bit of work, but it does have a nice green wall and a really rather gorgeous window.  I am determined to have it relect my personality and soul.  I was thinking of how to decorate it, and I realized that books really are the perfect answer. I grabbed my humble collection of Norton Critical Editions and put them up between two of my photographs.

Each of the items I chose has a meaning and reminder.
It says to my career-gal, "Hey sassy...love your little artist self too."
And then...
I do.


Don't you wish that when you take over someone's position, they would leave behind a manual of social observations?  I feel like such a rookie freshman this week, not knowing who is who or why I am supposed to know them or how they know each other or what they think of each other...which I know will get better because I am really quick with names and faces, but I've been so tempted to ask my pretasessor for a book entitled, "Office Gossip 2007-2010."

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