a day like any other

October 07, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Like Any Other

It would appear like any other morning...any she's had for the last 1.5 years.
Waking to a quiet alarm, an internal alarm, the very best alarm.
Putting on a pot of boiling water, poaching two eggs for 3 minutes precisely,
sneaking a cup of Earl Grey from her saint's personal pot.

Showering, writing, cleaning, talking to friends, cooking, caring.

A leisurely existence, for sure...but still...a learned one.
To be home, to be one's own boss...
though amazing, ideal even,
it's a lesson to learn.

It might appear like any other afternoon...
watching an episode (of anything BBC) with him on his lunch break,
sneaking a snooze, chatting on the phone,
loading the dishwasher, planning dinner, sweeping the floor,

But today, though likened indeed to many others
is unlike them underneath its surface.


A bookend
A creaking door
A gush of westerly wind
A costume change

Today was the last day she spent at home.
Fulltime work begins tomorrow.

A new adventure begins...the dread subsides...
and shifting into 5th gear
feels smooth and sexy.

But only after a completely ordinary day
unlike any other.

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