August 18, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Vignette: short, impressionistic scenes.
I thought I'd take you around my place...

the bar area
print via dearcolleen, Ikea frame
bar set: gift from wedding
whiskey glases: crate and barrel via sister-in-law, Julie
toasts book: gift via taddy porter
citrus press: thrifted
ice crusher: thrifted
birdcage: gift via sister, Teresa

a bowl of citrus always at the ready
bowl: thrifted and repainted white
tea towel: willliams/sonoma, gift via cousin, Erin
citrus: Trader Joe's

out the kitchen window
vase: repurposed Bulleit Bourbon bottle
flowers: mini calas via Trader Joe's

another view out the kitchen window
owl wind chime: gift via taddyporter

my very first tomato!
plant gifted via the saint

checking in on the zook.
also gifted via the saint

another one coming in!

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