weekend report: Team America version

July 05, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Dear Lady Liberty,
Despite our love/hate relationship, there is one unmistakable commonality.
We both find independence incredibly sexy.
Independence and guns, that is.

The target.
I drew it.

What a beautiful weekend...

We wanted a quiet holiday, so we opted to hang out with the family for the day.
Mom whipped up some fried chicken and I whipped up some raspberry jam.

We shot Mom's new Taurus, ate her firecracker cake, and sparkled her sparklers.
She's a dandy, that mother of my saint.

Yeah, we did other American stuff too...made fire, guzzled beer, took naps, fed babies.

Here's to the pioneer spirit.  
America, you and I;
 we'll kind of always, always be rebels.

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