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July 20, 2010 Candace Morris 9 Comments

 As promised, here are a few more camping pictures.

The saint was so exhausted from his last few weeks at work...poor guy.
Although I really love camping with my woodwose, it was especially fun to have my sister and niece along!
Man, that girl makes me laugh.

I like to call the following pictures
"Adventures in Wine Opening"
because despite my camping preparedness, I totally forgot a wine key.

Yes, she had to use a steak knife.  It eventually worked, but wine got everywhere and we had to strain it.
Well, it was good anyway...cork bits and all.

At that point, Joel decided to take matters into his own hands and whiddle his own damn corkscrew.
 I was, as usual, impressed.

A few silly moments:

And a few quiet moments:

Mt. Rainier is a bit nostalgic for me because of a few trips we've taken with our friends; it therefore possesses a kind of magic.  As I entered the familiar campground,  this magic transformed our little family's tension and anxiety into naps, walks in solitude, quiet talks around the fire, and vistas so beautiful they make the soul weep.
p.s. You can check out the entire album here.

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