weekend at home report: friday edition

April 27, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I've just returned to my temporary home in San Diego with my sister.  I spent the weekend vacationing in my own life, and what a vacation it was.  I told the saint that we should leave for 6 weeks before an anniversary (typically problematic vacations for us to connect) and then come home to spend the week vacationing in our own lives.  I have been in San Diego for 6 weeks, and will be for a few more as we try and get things in order.  I was dangerously close to running on empty, and that trip home boosted my fuel "to the max"!

I am bringing back that 80s phrase.

I caught the wickedly-evil early morning route back to Seattle and arrived on Friday morning at 9am into the wide arms of my parents-in-law.  They took me home to my lovin' man, who was working at the time (he works from home, did you know that?).  He had made me this great little owl figurine from a re-purposed old bird scaring thingy.  
(courtesy of brian wigand)
This wise bird shall have a name.  
Just wait.
I am thinking Edgar.

The saintly saint also decided to start a small herb garden for me!  He knew I was really bummed to miss the first planting season of our country lives.  I am quite excited to go out to the porch and grab some parsley for my pasta.  

Upon arrival home, I was treated by my hubby to a late breakfast and then I came home to a hot bath and a long, LONG nap.

I was so excited to come home to my friends and family and life that I didn't anticipate the wall of fatigue waiting for me.  Besides soaking in my husband, laughing with my friends, and sitting on my parent's porch, I basically only wanted to sleep.  So sleep I did.
Just had to.

So after my 3.5 hours of glorious sleep (with a soundtrack of the happiest Seattle drizzle), the saint woke me and we went to the local wine shoppe.  It was very unlike my favorite wine shoppe in Seattle, but if you just kind of forgot to expect to be impressed, it wasn't too bad.  Oh how I miss the city.

After that, we stopped by to see my other new niece, baby Olive...and sister-in-law.  We went home, watched a few episodes of Dr. Who, and went to bed.  It was so silly nice to be in my double-wide, nuzzle my kitty, laugh at the tacky wood paneling, and take the deep breath of comfort reserved only for that quirky building I call home.

I kept catching myself grinning.
And to be away,
and to be back again...
only to find that a grin remains.

This is good life indeed.
(to the max)

Standby for more on my weekend at home.
Until then, this is crm signing off.


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