chronicle of a long weekend

December 01, 2008 Candace Morris 10 Comments

i have been remiss in posting - pour souls. whatever did you read? perhaps a good book or enthralling magazine? {i jest. i do hope you know i do not think of my blog as important to anyone but me...and this brings me immense joy - again, i realize how wrought with independence that comment was -sorry for those continual and blasting bursts that continually come out of me. that sounded gross. moving on.}

i did not post because it felt good not to.
and i am in the sad habit of doing what feels good.
i am sure you can relate.

let me recap some of the events of the last five days of candace's cyber silence.

  • 2 massages
  • 7 movies
  • 2 puzzles (well one insane puzzle that my brother insisted i not finish for the sake of all involved, but before he rescued me, brad and i spent over an hour putting the border together, so am still counting it)
  • 1 three mile jaunt (one mile jogging, one mile up the ungodly stairs, and one mile with jello-legs trying to get home) from which i am still recovering.
  • 3 tasty visits to B&O Espresso.
  • 1 game of tennis on the Wii - from which my left arm is still sore.
  • 1 voicemail plea to Illinois.
  • 6 beers, 4 glasses of wine, 1 highball of whiskey, 1 glass of port, 2 margaritas, 1 shot of tequila, and 2 shots of gin.
  • 1 trip to Sheri's at 2am with the sober ones.
  • 1 afternoon in tears.
  • 2 nights staying up until 3am.
  • 2 games of Apples to Apples.
  • 1 batch of Aventinus-style beer brewed! (this is joel's accomplishment, not mine...)
  • 1 roaring gomes, 1 tender gomes, 1 tireless gomes.
  • 1 girl realizing how much she loves [ahem, needs?] her friends and family.

That pretty much sums it up.

From Thanksgiving 2008

From Thanksgiving 2008

From Thanksgiving 2008

From Thanksgiving 2008

From Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


December brings with its naked trees a new hope for the form of two projects in which i pray to become engrossed.

The first project is my December Evening's project! It starts this evening - which for us here in Seattle is at 4:26pm (fie!), but nevertheless, evening. Get your cameras all charged up, find your USB cable, make sure you join my flickr group if you want to participate (or just view and comment) and enjoy freezing a moment of December 2008...which you will never experience again.

The second project is a request from my old friend Leif. The assignment is as follows:
I am putting together a project for my MFA thesis that i hope you'd consider contributing to. I am asking people (you!) to contribute words that correspond to a thing that you hold as "sacred"-- something that you really, really believe in and consider a personal asset to your peace of mind. This can be something as profound as meditation by the pitch black ocean, as commonplace as enjoying a delicious beer, or as trivial as having a clean windshield on your car. But it should be something that gives you deep tranquil or joy.
The only requirements are these:
1) IT should be about something that you consider "sacred,"
2) IT should be void of any specifically religious terms,
3) IT should fit easily on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

I am so going to enjoy having a writing assignment and have some ideas working so far. Let's have you act as my think tank today - what initial sacred spaces come to mind for you?

sometimes Mondays aren't so bad,
~lady whit

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