Musings of a Mum: 14 Weeks

February 06, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

14 Weeks
Sipping Tea
The Parents

Dear Baby Star,
     This week, I saw you! You were playing a bit of peek-a-boo, but your profile was so clear!  You're looking pretty good, kid.  Keep up all that parasitic behavior!  Get ready for another debut this weekend as your Aunt Teresa is going to try and discover if you're a Jack or a Jill.  
     Your pop and I took the longest walk in Discovery Park this weekend.  It was so beautifully sunny, and I've had so much more energy - probably from all the protein and fruit you've been demanding.  I cannot seem to eat enough!  You had your first glimpse of what we love about Seattle - your father's trees and your mother's salt water.  Could you smell the air?  Oh we were simply high on it.
     I've been taken such good care of this week.  The Scientist talks more and more about financial goals and our material future, and I find it as endearing as if he were quilting your initials on a baby blanket.  We are so different, men and women.  I hope to teach you how the differences in people can bring strength, and with self-work - don't have to be a threat.  As I've had to learn to let your father become a father in his own time, I am realizing how this is preparing me for raising you.  One of your Uncles joked about us having a "jock" for a kid, and while this is initially humorous, what I realize is that I don't want you to be anything other than exactly what you what to be.  If you decide to follow a career in football, your pop and I will learn all there is to know about the game, wear cheesy outfits, drink cheap beer, scream at the flat-screen, and buy a huge truck.  In short, we will be the your biggest fans.  Your life is your own, and it is OUR privilege to watch you unfold.  We don't want clones of us (but just for the record - you'll be one Mars-loving, well-read beefcake).  Speaking of unfolding, apparently you are doing a lot of that because everyone seemed to comment about my belly this last week - I was a bit mortified.  My shirts and pants seem to be in agreement.  There is something equally unsettling and peaceful about knowing I have absolutely no control over this - that my mammalian self is growing her young.
     Last week, your pop and I talked about food habits and how we wanted to help you have a healthy relationship to eating.  As I expressed my frustration with how kids seem to want McDonald's whether or not a parent encourages it, Joel wisely mentioned that he doesn't care to teach you what to eat, but more to teach you how to think soulfully about food.  This week, as we were eating breakfast, I looked out at our neighbors leaving for their son's baseball game, and wondered if you would play a sport.  I told Joel that my Mum required us to play a sport and an instrument.  I like this practice.  It's just fun to converse with your Dad as we watch ourselves mold into this executive committee called your parents.

~The Voice
 p.s.    Sorry about all the 'Star Trek' this week.  We are kind of addicted.  
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Musings of a Scientist:
     Live long and prosper.


The Belly Stats: 35" around

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