How we celebrated...

February 15, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Mexican Coca-Cola

We have been so exhausted this week, and we therefore decided to keep Valentine's Day super low-key.  Joelio took me to our new favorite deli, Dot's Delicatessen, where I had a tasty hot-dog topped with coleslaw and mustard and a Mexican Coca-Cola.  He had brussels sprouts with bacon, and collard greens (incidentally, I just learned that the term is brussels sprouts - huh!).  It was delicious!


Afterward, we went to the store for these.  To be fair, I did try to find a fresh cupcake, but the store was COMPLETELY picked over.  So I opted for these totally disgusting and indulgent hostess cupcakes.   Sometimes I find it disturbing how I crave junk for celebrations, but then I just accept my white trash upbringing and enjoy horrible, deliciously bad food - but only occasionally.  Truth be told, I will probably throw the rest of the box away as I am feeling quite guilty for supporting Hostess.

We then went home and fell asleep watching Star Trek.  We loved it.

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