we went away

January 19, 2011 Candace Morris 14 Comments

it began with the poetry of the earth cascading down upon our parched skin
and diner coffee shifting us into 5th gear

it continued with a gorgeous fairy
tumultuous wind
peace  heavily laid upon us like our wedding quilt
as we read
and wrote
and went away


when going meant arriving
to a gorgeous room
a claw foot tub and heated tile floors
a roaring fire and sexy view of the harbor

we knew we had carved out a piece of bliss all for ourselves

we simply had to don our sunday good 
(best was saved for later)
and patronize not one, but TWO
fine restaurant establishments.

sapphire martini
old fashioned
cabernet-franc from the year of 2008

olives and hot cashews
rack of lamb and spaghetti carbonara
prawns and garlic

sea-salt chocolates
kisses and whispers

sleepy satisfaction on a saturday morn
the lazy view, a moment for Neruda and Sagan
quirky small-town diners
with fresh-made donuts and weak coffee
tea for him.  always tea for him.

hours in bookstores
one soulless
one bursting with soul

more coffee and tea
learning about light, lenses, and f-stops
portraits of the other
for the future
to start soon

tasting the fermentation
taking in the precipitation

and an otter.

after the necessary disco nap
we found our best and wooed each other downstairs to the fine dining

gin and tonic
wedge salad
prime rib and king crab
a few of the players on the stage of our romance

stumbling happily to the bar for some decadence 
and cognac

all leading to spontaneous photo shoots 
and wet bridges
and happily ever after

for at least today
because although we pledge ourselves until death
we are both smart enough to know that all we truly have
is today.
Just Today.

and although we must too often go back the way we came
and repave roads overgrown with rosemary and dandelions
we shake off shame 
jump into muddy waters

and find our ripples continue
and intertwine
and clarify 
the obscure.

Thank You.
My Saint.
My answer.


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