some status

January 13, 2011 Candace Morris 1 Comments

{ right now }
mint medley tea

 { soon to come }
Roller skating in Jackson Square

roller skating tonight with my big sis.
since she was basically born on skates and is a former derby bad-ass, pretty sure it will go something like the above picture.  i'm no skating novice, but we'll see.  Here's to hoping it looks more like this!

Mammoth Roller Skating Rink!

{ tomorrow }
headed out bright and early (well, early anyway since we are in a deluge in Seattle) bound for San Juan Island.  The saint and I are embarking on our postponed anniversary trip.  We got a gorgeous room with a view and a fireplace for two nights.  Looking forward to a whole lotta eating, reading, sleeping, and absorbing the roomy affection of my lovin' man.

Because he figured out long ago that he who loves me best is he who lets me fly.

And with that, I say Happy Early Weekend and bid you adieu.

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