January 05, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

On Monday morning, perhaps the most commonly dreaded morning in human history, I was awakened at some unnoticed hour by the most gentle rain on my roof, the most fragrant coffee dripping into my carafe, and my husband gently encouraging me to awaken.  As I stumbled out into the living room to sit upon my chair and read my book, I heard that the saint had also turned on NPR for me and poured me my coffee.

I really am reveling in this time, fear not, oh jealous ones.  I am most certainly not used to people envying my life, hell...I even envy my life...this is quite surreal.  However, I must assure you all that I am doing all that I can to absorb it, to live it, to make it everything it could possibly be.  Well, at least I am for today.  Tomorrow, I'll probably get antsy, have an existential crisis, feel lazy, and complain...but that's what the gin's for...

This weekend, the saint and I made it into the city to shop and life is such a paradox of headed to the mailbox in my pjs and headed to the city in my knee socks. 

Also, look at our most revered visitors last week!! The saint snapped these shots while I was out gallivanting at the illustrious Costco.

Happy Tuesday,

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