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Wow.  Where DOES the week go?  I cannot wrap my head around it today.  This may be due to the fact that I've been in bed with a cold all day.  I really MUST get rid of it before Sunday because

Brace Yourself!

(lidda, send me an email about getting together!)

Okay, it's just Florida, but it is exciting nonetheless.  I'm tagging along with Joel on a business trip of his as we celebrate a belated anniversary.  Miami is boasting 75+ temps, so I'll be sure to get some much needed sun and sea.  Oh, and also...Cuban food!  Aye, aye, aye!!!  I take off on Sunday, and am rather excited not only for the trip, but also to continue in my January photo challenge with a new cuisine and much more color.

Additionally, I wanted to take a few minutes to boast about my friends over in the Daily Bread flickr pool.  DUDE...these people eat well!  You should pop over and take in the inspiration, but I must fairly warn NOT go look if you are in any possible way hungry.  It's just painful.   Here are a few collections:

Daily Bread : Desserts

MMM.  Dessert.

Daily Bread : Drinks

MMM.  Drinks.
{ 1. My Taste of Late, 2. medium, dark, light, 3. I like my tonic with gin and lime, 4. 01.08.10, 5. Nourishment, 6. some love it, 7. Wine in a Jack Daniel's glass, 8. Drink your greens, 9. His and Hers: Cocktail Hour }

It's never too late to join.  Just snap a pic of what you're eating and upload it to your flickr account...then send it to our group.   Email me for more information.

 Daily Bread : Hot

MMM. Hot.
Also, we certainly love our mugs.  It's kinda of an inside thing with us.
{ 1. Strange Brew?, 2. a proper tea, 3. Cafe Nico, 4. just a light conversation over lattes, 5. 01.06.10, 6. hot pink hot chocolat, 7. 01.02.10, 8. January 2: Happiness comes from contentment, 9. Breakfast of Champs, 10. Devoured, 11. Hello Lover, 12. clovesgingercardamomblackpepper, 13. Breaking the Fast }

Daily Bread : Color

MMM. Color.
 { 1. did you know, 2. Lunch Break, 3. Custard tart, 4. suppah jan 4, 2010 }


Also, I forgot to mention a rather important thing the saint and I decided to do this month.    In an effort to break our winter habit of watching too much 30 Rock and movies, we decided that after dinner, we were going to turn off our computers and television and really unplug for the night.  Instead, we sit by the fire and read, or play a game, or split a bottle of wine and talk, or go out with friends, or go to bed early.  It's amazing how setting aside time to get bored can really nourish the soul and squelch anxiety, though I admit that it's still terribly difficult.  I am breaking the rules tonight because I just feel lousy, so we gave ourselves a night off.  Joelio is sitting here watching a Japanese movie and I am bundled up with my sniffles.  So far, it's been such a wonderful month.  I really don't want to become one of those couples who simply do not know how to hang out with each other.  It's also been quite amazing what you find to talk about when there's actually empty space to nurse your thoughts aloud.  I highly recommend some sort of unplugging.

And one last thing.  You really MUST head over to and watch the video my brother made of the latest catholicbeer event.  Hilarious.

Good night loves.

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