In God's Country...

July 31, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Baby Deer

Many of you know how I most affectionately adore this state. I am not a native Washingtonian, having been born in the glamorous state of California. Though there are pockets of true beauty in California, Lancaster is not one of them. I spent my life in the high desert with hot winds shattering my frail bones. When I met Joel and we moved to Seattle (his hometown), I was transported to what my sister refers to as "God's Country."

But lately, Seattle has thrown us all for a loop. She has been hitting the hundreds and since no residences have A/C, we've all been melting to death. Joel and I have it lucky because we are in a subterranean unit, but even that is too uncomfortable to live without a fan. But then all of Seattle ran out of fans. I felt a panic come over capitalist country should run out of goods. What is this? The Great Depression?!

But then, this glorious morning...after three days of 98+ temperatures, Seattle's benevolence blew in a breezy 64...and promises to get only into the early 80s. Sigh. I feel restored...and slightly cold sitting here outdoors at Top Pot Doughnuts. I'm gonna move inside...

Hurricane Ridge

And to prove this is indeed God's own country, I have a set of photographs from my drive with Adam and Erin around the Olympic Peninsula this last week. We had such a leisurely, lazy drive...and found some of the most beautiful skapes any person has ever seen.

boys doing boy things

<span class=

the view while putting on hiking shoes

the meadow

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Queen of the Mountain


field of ferns

Boys on an adventure

Lake Crescent

Trying to catch a fish...

Lake Crescent

Moss Garden

Joel and Adam on the jetty at La Push, WA


and, per usual, you can find even more photos here:
Drive around Olympic Peninsula

I've found my soul in these mountains, in these oceans, in these forests, in this city.
Happy Friday.

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