Just a teaser...

July 29, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

31 in the 1920s...with a digital camera in her seashell purse.

the boys, the brothers, the booze

And there's plenty more where those came from. Stay tuned...

In other news that I simply cannot contain even one second longer but have been otherwise engaged so that I couldn't get to telling you all; the SAINTLY SAINTLING has worked his magical organizational wiles and rallied a goodly amount of loved ones towards raising a goodly amount of money so as to purchase me THIS!!!!If you had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the purchase of this part of my soul, you will certainly be hearing from me soon personally, but I want to send out a public GUSH for each of you had faith in my artistry and decided to blow onto the pinwheels of my artistic inertia. I am so friggggeeeennnn excited! My new toy should be here this week.

I feel so much more complete.
Like someone restored my crippled hands to work.

Do I look different?! :)

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