december evenings: show and tell...and post scripts of pavarotti

January 07, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

i have been blogularly absent since returning to work on monday because (surprise of all surprises) i have been somewhat busy at work.

though it's annoying, it's highly welcome.
though it's meaningless work, it brings me use and productivity.
how can this be?

welcome to being freaking me (not that it's worse than being any one else - pet peeve #492: i hate it when people imply that about no one has it as bad as they do or any kind of shameless ploys for pity. it lacks compassion and perspective), but i seem to exist in an incessant amount of contradiction, hypocrisy, and paradox.

but back to the matter at hand.

my to do list has been haunted for an entire week now by the appropriate ending to the December Evenings project. though i still wait for my 2009 calendar to arrive, i realize we are already deeply entrenched into the first week or so of January, and I must pay my respects to the project that kept my creative juices flowing and my humbugary spirits from bathing in the spiked-nogg.

internet, i would like to introduce you to the talented group of people i now call my friends (some i already did, some i now do). seriously. look how talented and beautiful they are.

thank you, fellow photographers, artist, friends, humans.

here are my favorites from each individual...appearing in no particular order:

Formidable Friends
formidable friends by QuirkyEye

Cum <span class=
Cum Sanctus Spiritus by Rebecca Gomes

9DEC2008: Post Youth Group
Post Youth Group by Brian Wigand

Junior <span class=
Junior Photog by horseychicken

<span class=
Nightime Baking by Emily Burtt (my favorite dweller of Australia - also, check out her etsy shop!)

<span class=
xmas morning walk by jordan (dwelling in canadian subzeros!)

December 07 B
December 07 B by Jeremy Rosenlund (an ex student and burgeoning photographic genius)

December Twenty Four
December Twenty Four by The Good Which (MY SISTER!!!)

one exposure night by mapleleif (the first artist who saw the artist in me...)

Dec 16<span class=
Dec 16th: Christmas Tree in York by Chris Bradley (our UK dweller extraordinaire and future travel guide/host :) )

{12.15} the hardest question
{12:15} the hardest question by the highest heel - my parallel-o-friend dwelling so far away...

Days End
Days End by The Noisy Plume - sister, mother, daughter, friend. check out her etsy shop!

<span class=
dec4: c'est fin by IscahMara - my favorite redhead and comfort

My Constant Companions
My Constant Companions by Kelly Clark - buy one of her handmade, luxurious, and soulful pillows from her etsy shop, then go check out her paintings and save up to buy!!!

December Twenty One.
December Twenty One: pick up the pieces and go home by Mme. Bookling.

I am really thankful to have this caliber of work and communal participation. Thank you for encouraging my own work by jumping on board with my projects.

Who will start the next one in a few months?

I really do know some inspiring folk.

"to me, fair friend, you never can be old
for as you were when first your eye I eyed,
such seems your beauty still. "

~raising a {second} glass to you,
lady whit

and i just welled up in sobs of tears because Pavarotti came on my pandora station...(send me your email and i will share it with you)

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