Sept 22 - I am not amused.

September 22, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

Sept 22 - I am not amused., originally uploaded by mme.bookling.

A case of the mondays=
1. Not hearing your alarm.
2. Because of #1, having flat hair and forgetting a belt.
3. Snagging fishnets underneath desk.
4. $4.00 overdrawn. .
5. Running out of ban width on flickr.
6. Snagged nail with no file in sight

In other news, I feel completely disconnected from myself.
Will sneak off at lunch for leftover chili & cornbread and nurture the hell ouf myself.

p.s. when did it happen that people come to my rescue? how lovely to be so lifted up. thank you jsl, thank you kjk, thank you umber - for the words, laughter, deepth, and smiles you drew from this crabby ass this very morning.

breathing in the memory:
rushing water over rocks gray
roots of she and i reaching desperately for the silence
to hear inside what outside always meant to say
inked moss and green words

today will not rush past me in a blur of cynicsm
for i will remember that time when i had pleanty of breathing room,
steal some from then,
and breath deeply today.
even if it kills me.


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