le fin du septembre

September 30, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

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something has happened to my eye in this exercise.
mine eyes see me in a different way.
it marks me, tells me i have lived and
am living.

even when no one is looking but me.

thank you umberdovely.
what's next? :)

in other news,
my day was rough beginnings (had anxiety, stayed home, you know the drill) but i worked well at home today and joelio-eh-oh came home early to sit with me a while. i took one of those long showers where you carefully remove all the shame and guilt via exfoliation and repeat your friends' words "be good to yourself."
and i was.

joel and i managed to go through lots of boxes in an effort to move them into a real storage space located OFF SITE, and sold $16 worth of books and VHS tapes to Half Price Books...and then promptly marched to B&O for the lentil soup. It was like books paid for dinner.

Thanks for the date, books.
Maybe you will get lucky later.
But for now,
I am off to scald myself in hot water.

so now i put to bed day 2 of experiment.

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