pilfered bloggering

June 03, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

i am such a little thief.

today, while perusing my latest inspiration (did you know she quit her full-time job b/c of blogging?!), i came across blurb. so yeah, what's the big deal...so you can use your own pictures to make a coffee table book? i am perusing the site, right...sipping my green tea and eating my banana, and then YES.

ahem. introducing, the blogger book. that's right. you can publish your blog into a BOOOOOOKLKKKKK(ling).

oh man, i think doing this once a year would be such a great way to chronicle my writing.

in other pilferings,
i am in the mood for summer dresses, despite the un-summery weather. though rain is pretty characteristic of june weather in this beautiful city and DAMN IT, I WON'T COMPLAIN.

i will ease my eyes with this dress: (and damn it, someone bought it yesterday!)

today is my last day before the craziness begins for the wedding this weekend. i am planning on deeply enjoying it by relaxing with my husband at home.

i am finally over the first steep hill of transitioning into this new home, and it really feels like a home more and more. it is so strange what happens when you begin to really invest in your home, saving money to buy really beautiful pieces, keeping things simple and uncluttered, and being intentional about the energy and beauty that your home oh-so-willingly can give back to you if you just pamper it for a while and refuse to put anything in your home that you don't love (which is why we still don't have any barstools. well, that and money.)

the living room should be done by next month, then moving on to the kitchen, then bedroom, then bathroom. so by 2009, i should have a killer home. wanna come over and see?

and the truth is...i am, for one of the first times in my life...really willing to wait for it.

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