"next time, i promise we'll be perfect"

June 20, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

"Perfection is local – in divine Seattle. I enjoy leisurely brunch with girlfriends, afterwards meandering through consignment and book shops. Then I take my typewriter to a breezy deck and write, finishing the late afternoon with a facial. Come evening, don a fabulous dress and walk with hubby to favorite local restaurant, sipping wine with sighs and wiggling off our shoes sur-la-table."

The above was my entry into Daily Candy’s contest for a perfect day. You write your perfect day in 50 words or less (do you think they will notice that mine was 61 words?) and you could win this day - and some new cell phone, but i care little about this.

Wait. Why didn’t I say shopping spree/limousine around town/and trip to Paris for the day?!

Well, nevertheless – happy Friday. Would you like to know what is making this early morning post possible?

Triple Cappuccino.

I have not had coffee all week due to my froat being froggy – instead imbibing ungodly amounts of tea. But not today. I am feeling quite a bit better and was ready to attack Friday with said coffee beverage.


(I think I am scaring my coworker with my talkativeness).

So ANNNYYYWAY, even if you don’t enter above contest, what is your perfect day, dearies?!


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