it's 2am and you need some pictures!

June 15, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

and here i sit, musing about the day. battling the productivity demon - thinking of all the stuff i didn't get done.

but if i listen to my little soul, she says, "BRAVO to you, crm for taking time for the needs of your soul...."

joel and i had a marvelous day. despite saying goodbye to our favorite cousin (sorry, adam, you may or may not have been trumped) erin, we were able to really enjoy this saturday in june.

joel had to work, but then dashed home and helped me finish the $20 in laundry i did, took out the trash, and hung up some curtains. doing chores for me? (oh that man is sooo getting some).

He then stole me away to grab a lovely burger and shake and then to golden gardens to read our books in the sunshine.

then joel took me to see the SITC movie (again!), what a doll. he is now currently passed out on the bed - after having consumed a rather large amount of edamame. i think i will join.

mmmmm. happy weekend evening friendlings.

here are some visual candies for you! sorry it's been so long.

j&c june date
Adam&Erin June 08


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