Saturday's Scattering

February 02, 2013 Candace Morris 2 Comments

When I was growing up, Saturday morning meant chore-time.  There was no dilly-dallying in our pjs.  We were not allowed to watch cartoons until the house was clean.  The result of which is a long-discussed source of contention between the mister and myself.  Saturday mornings were leisure in his childhood, so we often have to compromise our moods to create something we can both enjoy.

This "compromise" is usually that we spend the morning in leisure. If there is one thing I've learned being a Morris, it's how to rest well.  I am not talking about how to entertain yourself or how to take a nap.  I speak of soulful,  meaningfully slow days containing good meals, hearty conversation, and always a fire (unless it's summer and we spend most of our time on the deck).

But today, this rest isn't suiting me.  I sit here on the computer, waiting for Joel to finish up some school work so we can attack the house!  He doesn't know it yet.

I've been in this mood for some time now.  This list-making, spring-cleaning, ruthless culling mood.

So as I wait, I will share a few of my scattered thoughts:

I just returned from a facial.  Joel bought it for a Christmas present and boy was it amazing.  I had so many new visions as I meditated (I NEVER have visions!).  It made me ache to get back to yoga.  (List item #546).  Last night, before Joel went out with a friend, he started dinner for me.  I was totally not expecting it, and I almost rolled my eyes at how well he's doing taking care of all these women who need him.  The bitchy cat, the clingy baby, the bored wife.  He's good.  I'm lucky.  I know this over and over again.

I find the stack of books I am reading rather humorous (and telling of my scatteredness).  Piled on top of my feminist literary theory book, there is this book by Carl Sagan (a very fair treatment of god and science, I might add), which is under this book (which I am rereading as I am gathering a lot of research about how to help my baby girl with her night-wakings. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything else.  It's really boring as a conversation topic.  I went out with my gal this week for a drink, and I was boring myself talking about it.  So instead, I talked about a dream where Joel and Arnold Schwarz are having sex! Whoa.).

Also, for the first time in perhaps my entire life, I am discovering a desire for some quick-reading fiction.  Anyone have recommendations?  (Don't even think about this, this, or this.  A girl still has her standards, after all!)

I'm newly in love with my 50mm lens, and shooting in monochrome has somehow hit a sweet spot.

I cannot wait to wear my latest piece of PLUME! I've been holding out for just such an occasion.

What else, what else?

This week, we were graced with a few hours of much-needed sunshine.  Glory.

Finally watched this version of P&P, and while I enjoyed it, I still wanted to punch KK in the face.  Seriously, what is wrong with her mouth?  A horrible Elizabeth Bennet  if you ask me.  However, I loved her in this movie.  She's finally growing out of that meat-eating jutted jaw into a bonafide actor.

Lastly, how the hecks did I become a jeans and t-shirt girl?  Ugh.

Wait.  One more last. Look at this resemblance!  Bowie and Clara, both at 7 months.

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