New: A Discipline

February 19, 2013 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I find myself transfixed by the new this morning.

[ a new fern ]

[ a few new jars of homemade baby food ]
butternut squash
blueberries and apples

[ the new fashion ]

[ the new blue ]

If you have ever had the privileged of enduring a Seattle winter, you will never look at a blue sky the same.  It feel it must be akin to being blind, then waking up to sight. 

I think I am entering (another) new-normal.  There is a real mental discipline necessary (and one I am proud to say I feel myself growing stronger in) required to enjoy these times when the dust of Bowie's incessant transitions settle.  I have every confidence this new-norm will dissipate quickly, but I am determined to feel the goodness of it while I can.

For how can we move forward with seeing the evil in this world (i.e. noticing  and eradicating the racist or misogynistic lingerings in our 'modern' culture) if we cannot move forward with seeing the good?  Both require a trained, disciplined eye.

And I think of you all, reading this quietly in your cubicle or office or home or studio or on the bus with your children fluttering around you or your dog(s) warming your feet or your partner heating water in the kitchen or your coworkers chatting in the hallway or your fellow commuters sitting too closely and I reach out my cybernetic hand to greet you and send my wishes for something new entirely and only for you.

And if you cannot locate the Universe's gift of new to you, perhaps a new photograph of Bowie will assist.

[ Bowie is wearing one of Joel's baby sweater/hats made for him by his Grandma Jessie ]

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