a day off

February 22, 2013 Candace Morris 1 Comments

A long sleep followed
a lingering shower followed
a lazy benedict and press followed
a blustery need to feel the elements followed
a soaked dress followed
a mussed left eye followed
a nest spotting for her followed
a merry trip to consign followed
a finding of the perfect piece of clothing followed
a eager drive to retrieve the progeny followed
a whiny greeting from the family canine followed
a relieving reunion with the cheeks followed
a rainy drive back to the city followed
a bag of produce given by neighbors followed
a few moments of late afternoon sun followed
a dinner of berries and squash followed
a relax while gazing at the planets above her crib followed
a much-needed bath followed
a much-neededer wine.

If you need someone else to make the space, to give you the permission, here I am to clear your schedule, take over your life for a few hours, and shove you out the door to your very own day off.  We play this manipulative game with ourselves and others, indicating terribly weariness, but with a martyr's tone say we are needed too badly or have too much work to do or it's too much of a hassle to arrange it.

Deserved, not deserved.  Wanted, not wanted.  Needed, not needed...I don't care.
Just take your day off.

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