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November 20, 2012 Candace Morris 6 Comments

This morning's mental narration sounds to me like a 5-year-old girl who has decided to make up for the first two years of a mute life by gushing and gushing and gushing - without taking a breath.  In an effort to allow these thoughts their exit, I shall endeavor to write them out.  They are not profound.  They are the nothings of the mornings I now know as a woman who stays home with her baby.

A friend recently mentioned that when he was an exchange student in Germany, his host family would serve him a breakfast drink of apple juice and sparkling water mixed.  Joel has sparkling water in his keg right now, so we decided to give it a try.  Turns out it's super delicious and we've been drinking it a lot the last few days.

My coffee table has become something of a spectacle in its magazine collection.  Since having Bowie, I am totally back-logged on my magazine viewage.  The table looks like a dentist's office.

Kelly recently introduced me to a flickr photographer that she has been admiring, and one she knew I would also probably enjoy.  She happens to  be very good at capturing winter light, which is much harder than summer light to photograph, in my opinion.  The above represents my small attempt to start practicing winter shots.

The water is hot for my press.  I'am letting it cool.  You should never use boiling water on your french press or pour-over.  You can scald the coffee, and then it becomes bitter.  Bleck.  When Joel and I were just noticing each other, he invited me to his dorm where he and Ben were hosting a coffee tasting.  It was the first time I had seen anyone wet the coffee grounds with cold water before pouring in the hot water.  He assured me it made the coffee sweeter.  Ever since then, I pour cold water over the grounds and smirk when I think of that boy in college that I have loved into a man. 

Speaking of man-loving, we are headed on a romantic getaway this weekend to celebrate TEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE.  It will also signify the first time I leave Bowie overnight.  I'm such a bundle of confused emotions about it.  I definitely want to prioritize our marriage and Joel and I need this BADLY.  I also really want Bowie to see how much we adore each other and to have a great relationship with her grandparents - with whom she will be staying/spoiled this weekend.  But I am also really attached to this little ball of flesh and bones and I know it will be hard to get her out of my mind.  I told this to Joel, reiterating to him that I want to be with him, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to let go of Bowie mentally.  He asked me why I thought I should.  He then said that I should continue to trust these feelings, the ones that are forging me into a mother.  I love that man so much.


Bowie is loving her jungle mat baby gym thingy.  She's been content to sit there for up to an hour!  It's awesome.  She's on the brink of rolling over and has begun to show obvious signs of being a lefty, which makes me happy!

And last, here is the picture of my 'this is kinda bullshit' face in reaction to my new coffee routine.  Since I've not been able to enjoy a full hot cup of coffee since the baby despot, I took my SIL suggestion to put it in a travel mug.  I hate travel mugs.  I love my mugs.  I dislike this very much, but not as much as the bitter swallow of too-busy. too-cold coffee.  My first-world problems are mounting, as you can see.

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