Fall Challenges: A Week of Shots

November 04, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Day One:
Bowie Baby Mini-Session

Joel recently stumbled upon some forgotten camera equipment I had acquired last Spring.  As we sat for an hour fiddling with the gear, I began to feel that trigger-finger itch, so I scheduled a little autumn photo walk with Kelly. Although I knew I would enjoy it, I had no idea just how good it would feel to exercise my camera again.  Tonight, as I sit editing and cropping and reliving the feeling of that cool harvest air blowing through the Evergreens, I have decided on a mini-challenge of doing a photo session once per day for an entire week in keeping with my Fall challenges.    I cannot say they will be good photos, or even that they will be of any other subject matter than Bowie, but I'll share them here for your viewing pleasure.  

Feel free to join me.  Surely you can take at least one photo per day with that fancy camera on your phone.  Put it on your instagram, facebook, or any other way to share it with me.  

To Autumn's Changes,

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