The Finishing Project: Installment Two

September 17, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Afraid of the Dark

Not all the dark is scary, little one.

The cosmos contain dark matter, lurid with nothingness,
but twinkling with potential.
The nighttime makes love to lurking shadows,
but gifts the weary with slumber and the thirsty with wine.
Black colors the funeral mourners,
but hugs curves with a slimming elegance.
Gray is the hue of the pregnant clouds above,
but its cleansing waters feed the earth and steep the tea.
The human insides swirl in dim obscurity,
but the bone is white as snow - once it has died.

The best dark I ever encountered 
was the darkness I saw when I shut my eyes tightly
(then tighter still)
while laboring to bring you into this world.
I saw mothers everywhere, dead, alive, barren, childless.
All straining with me in the great black void
in luminescent darkness of love.

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