The Finishing Project: Installment Six

September 21, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

How to Make a Person

You are not a task
to be checked off my list.
So I break down
the care of you into bite-size pieces,
the sum of which may produce a well-adjusted humanoid.

Or so I hope
you will not remember these years,
and yet they are the most important to your development.
Your choice of mate, your temperament, your personality
all in the resentful hands of a selfish girl
I despise
the paradox of this.

There is no choice.
If I don't have what it takes,
I still have to do it.
I force my creative mind into nap-hour.
The discomfort of my still tootight postpartum jeans.

I want each task to bring about a desired result.
Cause and Effect at its core.
Why do you defy the laws of physics.

Oh, I forgot you
were a superhumanhero.

Another one did these things for me once,
She was so young.
I loved her long, dark hair.
Her smell, my sustenance.
Even now.

You wake.
Your scent, my biological betrayal. 
I will always come to you.

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